No Win No Fee on all compensation claims

Asbestos compensation process

Making an asbestos disease claim

Turner Freeman works on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis for asbestos related disease and other dust diseases claims. Unless you get compensation, you will not be charged for our work.

New South Wales

In New South Wales, you may be eligible to claim compensation in the New South Wales Dust Diseases Tribunal, which is the specialist court set up to hear dust disease cases. In addition, you may also be eligible to receive a pension from the Dust Diseases Board if you worked in New South Wales and have a recognised dust disease. A Dust Diseases pension is separate from and in addition to any claim in the Dust Diseases Tribunal.

South Australia

Following the introduction of the Dust Diseases Act 2005 (SA) most South Australian cases are brought in South Australia.  A specialist Court, known as the South Australian Employment Court, hears and determines most dust diseases cases in South Australia.

Some people in South Australia with dust diseases will be better of bringing their claim under the relevant workers compensation legislation, which is at present the Return to Work Act 2014 (SA).

To find out where the best entitlements to compensation lie, it is best to obtain advice from specialist dust diseases lawyers.

Other states

In addition to NSW and SA, Turner Freeman has offices in Queensland and Western Australia and we have links with other interstate law firms in Victoria and Tasmania where we do not have an office.


If you are living overseas but were exposed to asbestos in Australia we can still represent you. Contact us by phone, email or letter. If you wish to claim in a UK court (England, Scotland or Northern Ireland) or in the United States of America, Canada and New Zealand, Turner Freeman has links with law firms that can assist you.

making an asbestos disease claim

Making a claim is simple.

The below steps outline the process to make an asbestos claim with us:
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Step 1

Telephone Turner Freeman on 13 43 63. Tell us you have asbestos related disease or other dust disease and that you would like to speak to a lawyer.

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Step 2

One of our lawyers will speak to you and arrange to see you at our office. If you cannot travel, the lawyer will visit you at home or in hospital.

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Step 3

The lawyer will obtain all of the information from you necessary to run the claim including collecting medical records and other information relevant to your claim.

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Step 4

Once the medical records confirm you have an asbestos related disease, we will discuss your compensation entitlements available to you.

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Step 5

If you proceed, your lawyer will prepare your claim, lodge the appropriate documentation to ensure the claim is successfully concluded. Your lawyer can also speed up the claim if your health is failing.

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Step 6

We are with you throughout the entire process. We will keep you informed and updated at every stage so you always know where your claim is up to.


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