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We are Australia's leading dust disease law firm

Important Turner Freeman Victories

Turner Freeman has the largest, most experienced and leading dust diseases practice in Australia. For over 65 years we have represented thousands of victims affected by asbestos related diseases.

Since 1952 our team has achieved countless victories for our clients and fought for changes to compensation reforms across the nation.

Did you know?

New South Wales Managing Partner Armando Gardiman ran his first asbestos compensation claim in 1982. He successfully prosecuted the first product liability claim in Australia against James Hardie & Coy Pty Ltd, in 1987.

In South Australia, Turner Freeman Lawyers has represented more asbestos victims than any other law firm, and our Partner Annie Hoffman has run more successful dust diseases cases to trial in South Australia than any other lawyer.

Some of our heroic client stories are featured below.

Below are some of our landmark victories

The first product liability claim against an asbestos manufacturer, James Hardie & Coy Pty Limited in Australia.

The first verdict on behalf of a child born at Wittenoom and exposed to blue asbestos dust in the township.

The first verdict on behalf of a victim who was working with brake lining materials as a fitter in an engineering firm.

A succession of successful judgments for workers exposed to asbestos and suffering from lung cancer.

The first verdict on behalf of a waterside worker suffering from asbestos disease.

The first verdict on behalf of a victim who contracted mesothelioma from doing home renovations.

The first successful compensation case for a man who contracted lung cancer as a result of workplace exposure to chromate.

We represent members of the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia, the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union and the Retired Maritime Union of Australia.

Turner Freeman represented the coalition of unions and asbestos support groups at the James Hardie Inquiry.


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