Access to Justice Scorecard

The Access to Justice Scorecard provides an evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of our legal system including the fairness of our laws, dispute resolution, Queenslanders’ ability to access legal help and our ability to access the justice system.

Overall, the results reveal that:

  • Queensland solicitors embrace efficient low cost options for access to justice, through strong support for alternative dispute resolution and effective, accessible tribunals
  • access to the justice system could be improved by:
    • reintroducing (or introducing more) specialist or diversionary courts and services
    • expanding the self-representation civil law service into every court in Queensland
    • providing more women’s legal services for family law issues
  • there is a need for greater coordination among government, community legal centres, private practitioners and pro bono practitioners to address unmet legal need .

The scorecard includes specific examples of what is working in our justice system, what isn’t and potential solutions for positive change.

You can download this scorecard from the Queensland Law Society’s website.