If you have been diagnosed with a psychological injury, whether this be due to an injury at work or illness related, you may be able to lodge a Total and Permanent Disability claim.

At Turner Freeman lawyers we provide expertise advice and highly skilled lawyers who complete the whole process for you so that you are stress free. Lawyers at Turner Freeman work for a “No win, No fee basis” meaning if we don’t win your claim, we don’t charge our fees.

According to the Financial Services Council (FSC) and KPMG Australia, statistics found a 24.1% rise in psychological injury claims with superannuation funds for total and permanent disability (TPD), in particular claims for Total and permanent disablement were being made under mental illness. Most frequent mental health conditions include Post traumatic Stress disorder (PSTD) followed by depressive episodes and recurrent depressive disorders.

Do I need a lawyer?

When dealing with a mental health condition it can be quite complex, the team at Turner Freeman lawyers not only do we understand your circumstances and the challenges you face but lodge your total and permanent disablement claim so that you do not have to deal with large organisations and insurer.

Dealing with a mental illness or any injury whether work related or outside of work is a challenge within itself. Superannuation funds assess whether or not a person is expected to work ever again.

Superannuation funds have set a criteria that must be met before any payouts can be made. At Turner Freeman the team of highly skilled lawyers gather evidence including medical reports so that there are no questions of doubts for Superannuation funds to reject your claim and ensure all necessary documents are relevant to your matter to support the inability to return to work.

When making a claim for Total and Permanent disablement, it does not require you to prove how your condition occurred nor a requirement that you are bed bound or wheelchair bound. Rather it is a set criteria that firstly proves that you have been disabled by an injury or illness where you cannot undergo your usual duties at work for usually six months for an unbroken period thereby allowing you to fulfil the qualifying period.

The second threshold that must be met for superannuation funds is that after the expiry of your qualifying period, that due to your injury or illness you are unable to return to work in the area for which you are qualified by educations, training or experience.

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For those suffering mental illness, whilst you remain under the care of healthcare professionals, our lawyers at Turner Freeman handle your claim in safe hands. If you don’t win, we do not charge you any fees. If you have any questions, contact our office to assist you through these difficult times knowing your dealing with experts.