Claims against The Cosmetic Institute (TCI) have resurfaced recently with several of its previous patients making contact with Turner Freeman Lawyers due to injuries suffered by them at the hands of TCI doctors. These women believed that the doctors were surgeons who possessed the requisite degree of skill and expertise but the reality of the situation is quite the converse.

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The philosophy of TCI is “affordable quality” cosmetic surgery, promoting themselves as providing everyday Australians with superior cosmetic surgery at affordable prices. Ironically, TCI has left a trail of victims, some of whom have been left grossly disfigured and scarred for life. Sally Gleeson, partner, is investigating claims made by numerous women in relation to the appropriateness of the surgeries conducted, including the level of skill and training of the surgeons. These women have common stories about the conduct of TCI and their lack of proper treatment. There is no doubt that every patient deserves competent treatment and follow up care, in any medical setting. In circumstances where surgery is conducted inappropriately and with devastating outcomes, these patients may have significant compensation rights that must be pursued.