*The contents in this blog relates to legislation in New South Wales.

The Australian Medical Association (NSW) (AMA (NSW)) released a statement last week, welcoming the NSW Government’s announcement to resume elective surgery from Monday 7 February 2022, but says this step does not go far enough to address gaps in the health system.

The AMA (NSW) is urging the State government to give patients certainty that elective surgeries will not be cancelled again, as we learn to live with COVID-19.  Although the delayed care is classed as “elective” and “non-urgent”, it is nevertheless necessary healthcare for serious issues.  Delays in delivering these surgeries have had significant impacts on the lives and well-being of patients and their families.

The AMA (NSW) is concerned that the three elective surgery shutdowns the State has suffered since the beginning of the pandemic, are the result of underlying workforce resourcing problems and poor planning, and that suspending elective surgery should only ever be a last resort and a local decision based on capacity.[1]

Understaffing and associated stressors have long been an issue in the NSW public health system.  The main issues cited by doctors and other healthcare workers in the current COVID climate, continue to be the lack of work force, excessive workloads and the lack of vital resources.[2]  It is clear that the health care system, which was already under pressure from lack of staffing pre-pandemic, urgently requires greater workforce allocation and resourcing to be able to address and keep up with non-COVID related healthcare needs.

The AMA (NSW) has warned that delays in providing elective surgeries will only increase the pressures on the healthcare system, as treatment for serious non-COVID related issues becomes increasingly urgent and waitlists burgeon.

Non-COVID related healthcare demands are only expected to increase across the board into the future.  The AMA (NSW) is calling upon the NSW Government to act in a pro-active manner to ensure hospitals are sufficiently staffed and resourced so that the needs of patients can be met in a timely manner.[3]

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