Will disputes

Having recently been through my own personal estate litigation dispute, I now have a new profound understanding of what clients go through personally in Wills and Estates Disputes.

Not only are parties grieving over the loss of their loved one, they have to deal with internal family fighting; stress of litigation and the discomfort of having to explain their families background to a complete stranger, such as a lawyer.

It is then necessary for the client you, as the client, to trust this lawyer to represent you to ensure you get what you are entitled to from your deceased loved one’s estate.

It is a very revealing process and you can often be left questioning whether you are doing the right thing.

I spent many sleepless nights worrying about the outcome of my matter; whether family relationships were ever going to be the same and whether everyone would receive what they were legally entitled to from the Will.

I was fortunate enough for my personal estate litigation matter to settle without the need of a Mediation or Trial.

This is common in Queensland, as 9/10 estate litigation disputes settle during the Mediation process, without the need of a Trial.

It is vitally important that you speak to the “right” lawyer early and get appropriate legal advice.

See a lawyer who has personally experienced the process

When thinking about a lawyer to see in relation to Estate litigation, do not just go and see any lawyer, go and see a lawyer who has personally been through the process and knows and can empathise with what you are going through.

For more information in relation to estate litigation, defending a Will or challenging and contesting a Will, please contact Turner Freeman Lawyers Wills and Estates Department on (07) 3025 9000.