Financial Abuse by an Enduring Power of Attorney

An ageing population means that financial exploitation of older Australian is on the rise by Enduring Power of Attorneys (EPOA).

Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document in which a person authorises another person to act their behalf on the management of their health/personal matters and/or financial matters.

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About Jenna Hutchinson

Jenna Hutchinson is our Wills & Estates solicitor and leads our Wills & Estates department at Turner Freeman Lawyers. Jenna has many years of experience in preparing Wills, helping clients with Estate Administration, appointing Powers of Attorney and contesting or challenging Wills.

Jenna’s clients appreciate her “hands on” and sensitive approach she provides to her clients at an especially difficult time in their lives when they have lost a loved one.

Jenna’ always strives to do the best for her clients to ensure that their wishes are adhered.  Jenna also strives to get the best possible outcome for her clients if they have been unfairly left out of a Will. Jenna is also experienced in defending the estate against frivolous claims.  Jenna works in all areas of Succession Law including estate planning, estate administration and estate litigation (disputing, contesting or challenging a Will). She also regularly contributes to our Blog with interesting articles based on her experience and extensive knowledge in Wills & Estates.

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