Turner Freeman Partner and Aviation law expert Terry Goldberg assembles global legal team to assist families affected by the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 incident.


Together with Stewarts Law, aviation lawyers of London and Wisner Law Firm, aviation lawyers of Chicago we have formed an advisory and legal group to assist all of the families of the passengers tragically lost on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

It is more than likely that the rights of the families of the passengers at law extend well beyond the boarders of Australia, Malaysia, and China. The majority of litigation claims arising from airline accidents take place in Europe and the United States and together with these lawyers we have been at the cutting edge of this litigation over the last few years.

We have represented Australian passengers, families of Australian passengers and crew in respect of airline accidents in recent years in Cuba, Indonesia, Africa, South Australia, Virginia and throughout Australia and the Australasian region.

Together with Stewarts and Wisner Law Firm we have an internationally focused group of lawyers who can assist all of the passengers’ families.

No Win No Fee

Together with Stewarts Law and Wisner Law Firm we will accept retainers in the matter on a no win no fee basis to explore and pursue all causes of action arising out of this tragedy.

Initial pro bono advice – advance payment rights that may be invoked in respect of passengers on Flight MH370.

Under article 28 of the Montreal Convention the airline and its insurer is required to contact you and provide an advance payment. We have resolved, without obligation to advise you pro bono when that occurs. It is important to obtain advice on every issue arising out of this tragedy.

For assistance within Australia call Terence Goldberg in our Sydney office on 02 8222 3333, Kacey Wuelfert in our Perth office on 08 9325 0900, or Kerry Ward in our Logan office on 07 3387 7111.

About Terence Goldberg

Terence is the group leader of the Turner Freeman aviation law practice.

He has had twenty-five years experience in bringing actions involving aviation disasters affecting Australians.

Terence has acted in actions in Australia and in Courts in the United States and around the world in recent years for Australian and New Zealand families and victims of accidents including the following major tragedies.

– Garuda Flight GA200 (Yogyakarta Indonesia) – 7 March 2007
– Qantas Flight 72 (Singapore to Perth) (passengers and crew) – 7 October 2008
– Aero Caribbean Flight 883 (Cuba) – 4 November 2010

In each matter Mr Goldberg, the partners and staff of Turner Freeman have worked to ensure that prompt action, insight into each tragedy and the correct legal advice has been provided to assist in settlement of all claims in which we have acted.

On each occasion we have assembled the same global team with Stewarts and Wisner Law Firm, with unparalleled resources and reach, to ensure that compensation rights outside of the rights available under international conventions are sought, obtained and maximised.

For assistance within Australia call Terence Goldberg in our Sydney office on 02 8222 3333.

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