So, you’re worried you’re being underpaid. Maybe your mates are earning more for doing the same job, or maybe you’re working weekends and not getting penalties. Here’s what to do.

First, check out what you’re meant to be paid.

Jump onto the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website and fill in your details. Once you’re done, it’ll tell you exactly how much you should be earning per hour, per week and for every night or weekend.

Second, speak to your co-workers

If you find out you’re being underpaid, have a chat to the people you’re working with. Collate a record of the hours you’ve been working and approach your boss. You’ll probably want to do this as a group. Most likely if one person’s being underpaid, it’s likely that others are as well.

But what do I say to my boss?

Be honest. Say you have visited the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website and found information about the minimum rates and what you should be paid. After the meeting, put everything that was discussed in writing, all your concerns and request that it is resolved immediately.

What if my boss refuses to do anything about it?

You will need to escalate the problem to the Fair Work Ombudsman or union.

My boss has docked my shifts/fired me.

If this happens, it is potentially illegal. You can file a General Protection Dismissal Claim with the Fair Work Commission. There is a limited timeframe so make sure you do this within 21 days.

How long will it take to get my money?

Could be anywhere from a few weeks to years.

If I have to wait for so that long, is it really worth it?

Absolutely. Whilst there may be a lengthy wait, legalities and formalities to this process it is always worth it. Employers need to realise they cannot get away with this and the sooner they are put on notice the better.

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