Clean up Australia day at Turner Freeman Lawyers Ipswich

This year we took part in the Clean Up Australia Day activities at Ipswich, Limestone Park.

On Friday, 28th February, 2014, friends from CATS, an Ipswich based non-profit service which supports young people with disabilities joined in the activities. The volunteers and workers help these young people with the transition from school to community life and help develop the necessary skills, make connections and help build interdependent relationships within the community.

Our activities started at 9:30 am and continued on until 12.30 pm. This year, along with the past 2 years the amount of cigarette butts collected were the most concerning fact. Cigarette butts made up close to 25% of the total rubbish we collected in the park in 3 hours.

After collecting several bags of rubbish (ranging from plastic bottles to broken thongs), our clean up party had a wonderful BBQ session to follow which gave us a good chance for a catch up and a lovely lunch. The activities were followed by the handing out of the official certificates. We discussed how important it is for all of us in the community, both abled and disabled, to contribute and get involved in these types of events. Even a little help makes a huge difference in the community as well as to our personal satisfaction.

From the Clean Up Australia website:

“Australians have more than demonstrated their passion and responsibility for cleaning up their local environment.

In Queensland over 91,743 registered volunteers have donned their gloves and picked up a bag to remove rubbish from around 1,423 sites across the state. Early figures predict volunteers would have removed around 3,130 tonnes of rubbish in just a few days. What a tremendous effort yet again.

Since the national event started in 1990 Australians have donated more than 26,100,600 million hours towards caring for the environment through Clean Up Australia Day, by removing an estimated 288,650 tonnes of rubbish across the country.”

Clean Up Australia Day is truly a national event, in which everyone participates.

Ipswich is a great city and our community not just as employees at our firm, but we also live here with our friends and families and supporting it whole heartedly.

We did our part and we are all proud of it.