No Win No Fee on all compensation claims

Fee Policy in Employment Matters

Our Fee Policy

Our normal terms are for the client to pay for our work as it is done. Variations to these arrangements will only occur after we have discussed the matter with the client in some detail and assessed the merits of your claim.

Turner Freeman is committed to providing access to high quality legal services in employment matters for individuals. Where possible, we work with our clients to find a way for legal fees to not be a barrier to their prosecuting their legal rights.

We seek to achieve this goal through flexible billing arrangements including:

  • On a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis;
  • On a partially ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis;
  • On a discounted basis for members of some unions;
  • On a pay as you go basis;
  • On a pay at the end basis;
  • On other terms that we agree with the client will enable them to access our services.

Please speak to one of our lawyers about the terms on which we are willing to act. Other than in very small matters, we always provide a written costs disclosure as to the terms and conditions on which we will act. Clients are required to sign and return the costs disclosure before we can undertake work on their file. Clients should refer to and rely upon that document for details to the terms of our retainer.

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