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Who we are

When it comes time to claim on a disability insurance policy your clients deserve the best of advice from experts in the field. As a financial planner acting in your client’s best interest often means ensuring they have access to expert and independent legal advice about their own personal circumstances.

Our expert lawyers act in all manner of disability insurance claims including TPD, Trauma, Salary Continuance and Life Claims.

In our Brisbane office, we have a dedicated team of disability insurance claim experts. Our lawyers act in all manner of disability insurance claims including TPD, Trauma, Salary Continuance and Life Claims.  We act in claims both inside and outside of superannuation.

Disability insurance policies are dense and complex documents that are impacted by a myriad of regulations and laws and hundreds of years of case law. There can be particular meaning in a clause that is not readily apparent from the first reading of the document and which can have a significant impact on the question as to whether a policy is the right policy for your client and also whether a claim will be accepted or not.

How we can help

We are experts in insurance claim litigation including TPD, trauma, income protection and death benefit claims.

We have specialist senior lawyers who handle insurance claims, tribunal and court proceedings.

If you need assistance or would like to discuss our service offerings or arrange a time to meet please call Adam Tayler direct on 07 3025 9008.

What we offer

We offer a range of services for financial planners:

Assisting you to help your clients’ claims when they need it most.

  • No obligation and no cost review of rejected claims and advice on avenues of dispute and prospects.
  • No win no fee service to dispute rejected claims.
  • No win no fee assistance with preparation and conduct of complaints to AFCA.
  • No obligation and no cost review of decisions to avoid policies due to alleged non disclosure.

Helping you to get around insurer roadblocks during assessment of a claim.

  • Fixed cost preparation of complaints, requests for internal review and specific issue court applications. Deferred fee arrangements available.
  • No win no fee and fixed cost interest claims on matters where benefits are paid after unreasonable delay.

Answering your questions about policy wording, interpretation and coverage.

  • Fixed cost advice on underwriting issues.
  • Free education sessions for your staff and/or clients in relation to insurance claims
  • Free initial telephone advice for your clients and staff.

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