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Marina Azer

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Marina's expertise

Marina is based in our Parramatta office and specialises in worker’s compensation claims, work injury damages claims, and superannuation claims for total and permanent disablement and income protection.

Marina was admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in September 2019. Prior to her admission, she worked in the area of personal injury.


Bachelor of Laws, Western Sydney University – May 2019.

Admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of New South Wales – September 2019


Member of the Law Society of NSW

Client Testimonials

In you point of view, you are just doing your job. In my point of view for someone actually do your job, you have to love it and I can tell you have an amazing heart to do the job actually helping people lives to have a fair go. It’s a huge significant role in people lives like myself. In all hearted I really want to thank you for your genuine sincerity and effort you have put in my case. I may beaten and wounded, But not defeated. I am believing, I am a winner already. I am very grateful and thankful for you.

– K.

Client Testimonials

Marina, we were almost in shock by overwhelming relief. Our joy and relief has been sinking in slowly now. We can never thank you enough. We feel that finally justice has been brought, by you. If it were not for you Marina, we would have been broken as a 9 month dispute was way beyond our capacity. We sincerely appreciate your support and your excellent work. Thank you.

– N.M.


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