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Claiming Compensation

Many workers have worked outdoors for substantial periods of their working life, especially in the waterfront, seafaring, transport, municipal council, agricultural, mining, construction, and manufacturing industries. Their exposure to sunlight in this regard will often cause various types of skin cancers to emerge, often many years after the conclusion of their working lives.

Skin cancer affects thousands of Australians every year and the consequences can have devastating effects on both work and family life.

The first warning sign is often a small scabby spot, which does not clear after a few weeks. Look for changed or newly formed moles, or any skin discolouration. You should pay particular attention to any growths which appear on the face, especially around the nose or eyes, or on the back of hands; you should show your doctor any moles which change in size, colour, shape or bleed.

Our Fee Policy in Skin Cancer Claims

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide | Turner Freeman Lawyers SA

For personal injury claims in the state of South Australia we act for our clients on a No Win-No Fee basis. In other words, unless we are successful in receiving compensation on behalf of the client they will not be charged for the legal work done by our firm or any expenses incurred when investigating the claim. Call 13 43 63 and speak to one of our personal injury lawyers for further information about our No Win-No Fee policy. Conditions do apply.

Our South Australian offices are in Adelaide CBD and Whyalla.

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