This week marks the commencement of the annual National Skin Cancer Action Week. With summer approaching and two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70, the importance of this week cannot be underestimated.

Importance of sun protection

Whether you are out at the beach or a tradesman working outdoors, this week should be a time in which we reflect upon the importance of sun protection and early skin cancer detection. A sobering statistic is that more than 2000 people in Australia die from skin cancer each year or at the very least are required to undergo multiple skin cancer excisions. It must be remembered that most skin cancers can be prevented by the use of good sun protection.

National Skin Cancer Action week is a week that all Australians, including tradesman and those required to work outside should remember to slip on sun-protective clothing, slop on SPF30+ sunscreen, water-resistant sunscreen and slap on a broad brimmed hat. By doing this all workers will reduce their risk of skin cancer risk dramatically.

In cases unfortunately where skin cancer hasn’t been avoided and you believe that your work has contributed to the development of your skin cancer you may be entitled to compensation and you should speak with a solicitor from Turner Freeman Lawyers. We are experts in work related skin cancer claims.

By lodging a claim and establishing that your employment contributed to the development of your skin cancer, you may be entitled to payment of medical expenses and treatment (for skin excisions and consultations with your dermatologist). Further, if you are required to undergo multiple excisions resulting in scarring you may have a right to compensation for your pain and suffering.

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