Silicosis has emerged as a significant occupational health concern, particularly in industries involving stone, rock, concrete, brick, and sand. Workers who cut, grind, drill, or crush these materials are at particular risk.  Over the past few years, there has been a marked increase in the number of silicosis cases, which prompted calls for action to raise awareness about the danger of silica dust, health consequences of being exposed to this dangerous dust and prevention methods.

The Lung Foundation provided startling, estimated numbers “that up to 600,000 Australian workers are potentially being exposed to silica dust each year across a wide range of industries“.  The Curtin University paper warns that between 83,090 and 103,860 silicosis cases are expected to result from current silica dust exposure.

The Lung Foundation’s dedicated efforts focus on raising awareness of the dangers of silica dust, promoting protective workplace practices, and advancing research into treatment and prevention methods, as part of their comprehensive National Silicosis Prevention Strategy.

The Lung Foundation in partnership with key stakeholders and experts in occupational health developed the National Silicosis Prevention Strategy, which has three main goals:

  • raising awareness of silicosis among workers, employers, and the wider community to educate individuals on the risks associated with exposure to silica dust and how they can protect themselves and others;
  • promoting protective workplace practices by stressing the importance of implementing practical measures to minimize exposure to silica dust in workplaces, such as using appropriate personal protective equipment, utilizing engineering controls, and providing regular health monitoring for workers.; and
  • advancing research into silicosis prevention and treatment.

The Lung Foundation’s National Silicosis Prevention Strategy is an ongoing and dynamic initiative that prioritises a comprehensive, collaborative, and evidence-based approach to combatting silicosis nationwide. You can find the draft of the NSPS here.

The Lung Foundation is launching a campaign on different media platforms like radio and TV to raise awareness about silicosis, deepen understanding of this disease and develop effective prevention methods.

The Lung Foundation’s National Silicosis Prevention Strategy is a crucial step towards preventing and addressing the alarming increase in silicosis cases across various industries. By prioritizing awareness, workplace practices, and research, this strategy aims to protect workers from the dangerous effects of silica dust exposure.  This initiative makes a difference and save countless lives from the devastating effects of silica dust exposure.  It is a step forward towards the eradication of silicosis in Australia.

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