As 2020 draws near to an end, here’s a look at Turner Freeman Lawyers top 5 most-read articles for the year that was unlike any other.

5. To refer or not to refer to the Approved Medical Specialist

If there is a dispute about the degree of permanent impairment of an injured worker, the Commission may not award permanent impairment compensation unless an approved medical specialist has assessed the degree of permanent impairment.

4. NSW workplace leave entitlements and workers compensation

We receive enquiries from injured workers about whether their leave entitlements will be affected by workers compensation payments. We also receive enquiries about whether workers compensation payments will be affected by leave entitlements. These are important issues and all workers should be aware of their workplace rights. This article is specific to injured workers in New South Wales.

3. Managing costs in medical negligence claims

A medical negligence case is, simply, a claim for compensation arising out of injuries suffered in the provision of medical services by a medical practitioner, allied health professional or a hospital. Medical negligence law is both a complex and sophisticated area. Establishing negligence can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack and therefore every case must be managed with certain skill.

2. What happens in a Family Provision Application in QLD?

In Queensland 9/10 Family Provision Applications (FPAs) settle at a mediation, or shortly thereafter, rather than proceeding to a trial. This article outlines the list of the usual steps which are required to be taken in relation to an FPA.

1. Your options when you have been treated unfairly at work

A workplace should be free from harassment, discrimination and bullying, and everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. When there is an issue in the workplace, we expect our employer to listen to our concerns and address them. Unfortunately, not all employers treat employees fairly and address concerns about harassment, discrimination and bullying.