Dealing with lawyers can be daunting. Those in the industry use words and phrases that do not necessarily crossover into mainstream language. We have compiled a short glossary of some of the most used technical terms you will come across to assist you to build a better relationship with your lawyer.

Glossary of common legal terms

  • Plaintiff: person who starts legal proceedings against someone else in a civil dispute, i.e. a personal injury claim.
  • Defendant: person against whom legal action is taken, including civil and criminal charges.
  • CTP Insurer: Compulsory Third Party Insurance company for a vehicle, chosen with a person’s vehicle registration renewal (i.e. RACQ, Allianz, Suncorp or QBE).
  • Balance of Probabilities: the standard of proof required in civil law cases and for some criminal defences (i.e. it is more likely than not that what was alleged is true).
  • Damages: where a person has suffered a loss as a result of a civil wrong (such as negligence) or breach of a contract, a court may order they be compensated financially for the specific type of loss they have suffered.

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