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Who is eligible to make a public liability claim in Western Australia?

Public liability law covers a wide range of occasions where an accident occurs and someone suffers an injury. This can range from from slipping in a shopping centre, to an accident at a rental property.

People who have experienced an injury because another person or group, such as a property owner or business, have breached their duty of care might be able to make a public liability compensation claim in Perth.

It is a legal requirement that individuals, businesses and organisations must take reasonable care to prevent accidents from happening on the property they are responsible for. Public liability law exists to ensure this happens and also covers when breaches of duty of care occur.

What is Duty of Care?

In Western Australia, the term “duty of care” is defined as a legal obligation to take reasonable care to avoid causing harm or physical injury to others. For public liability claims this means making sure a location is safe and free of any avoidable dangers that might cause an injury.

Common Types of Public Liability Claims

  • injuries and accidents that happen on private property
  • injuries incurred on public transportation
  • bike accidents where a car is not involved
  • dog bites and animal attacks
  • slips and falls in shopping centres and other retail property
  • injuries that occur in a public place
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No Win No Fee Public Liability Compensation Claims

Our No Win No Fee policy simply means that our personal injury law firm is only paid the legal fees for the services we have provided if your public liability claim is successful. If we don’t win you don’t have to pay any legal costs.


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Frequently asked questions

Who can claim compensation for a public liability injury?

Public liability includes any circumstances where an individual or company have not upheld their duty of care to you, and their negligence has resulted in an accident where an injury occurred.

Some examples of this include not properly maintaining sporting fields or grounds, cracks and holes in footpaths or car parks and unsigned wet floors in retail properties.

What should I do if I think I have public liability claim?

  • Take photos of the location where you were injured, specifically what caused your injury.
  • Get the contact details for everyone who witnessed your injury.
  • Seek medical assistance and explain to your medical practitioner how and where you injury occurred.
  • Record any lost wages or expenses you incur treating your injury.
  • Having as much supporting evidence as possible to prove negligence occurred will make the compensation claim process much more straight forward to navigate.

Why should I hire a lawyer?

Having experienced public liability lawyers manage your claim will make it much more likely that you will have a successful public liability claim. Public liability insurance is a complex legal system and having someone who understands the intricacies of that system will benefit your claim greatly and is more likely to result in maximum compensation.

What does public liability compensation provide for?

While it will depend on the particulars of your injury, you may be entitled to claim public liability compensation for:

  • medical costs (this includes past and future medical expenses)
  • loss of wages (this includes past and future economic loss)
  • pain and suffering
  • travel expenses and domestic assistance

Is there a time limit to beginning a personal injury claim?

You have three years from the date you sustained your injuries to start the public liability claims process. Although it is highly unlikely your legal claim will end up in court proceedings, if it does, it’s imperative the claim process started within this three year time frame.

Fee Policy

Our No Win No Fee policy simply means that our law firm will only be paid the legal fees for the services we have provided if your public liability claim is successful. If we don’t win you don’t have to pay any legal costs. This means you never have to worry about being out of pocket with Turner Freeman.

Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs

Once your claim has been submitted we will be able to seek compensation for any medical expenses or medical treatment your injury involved.

Public Liability Claims

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