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Who is eligible to make a car accident claim?

If you have been injured in a New South Wales motor vehicle accident or other road accident, you may be entitled to claim damages by submitting a personal injury claim. This includes injuries sustained as a bicycle or motorcycle rider, passengers on public transport or pedestrians involved in motor vehicle accidents. If you were dependant on someone who is fatally injured in a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

Turner Freeman are expert motor vehicle accident lawyers in Sydney who can manage compensation claims for all types of personal injury resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

Injuries from car accidents

Injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents can keep you from maintaining everyday activities such as returning to work to earn an income or even needing rehabilitation. You may be entitled to make a car accident compensation claim if you were the driver or the passenger and if the accident has resulted in a whiplash, neck or back injury, broken bones or any other type of injury. Our Sydney car accident lawyers have over 70 years experience in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims and are here to help.

When making a car accident claim, the extent of the injuries you’ve sustained are taken into account alongside lost wages, medical expenses and future loses. If you were injured while traveling on business trips, you may be eligible for Workers Compensation. The police should report accidents and exchange personal information between drivers.

Our motor vehicle accident claims process

Starting a motor vehicle accident claim with Turner Freeman you’re guaranteed to receive compassion and professionalism from our experienced lawyers. We try to take the legal stress out of your hands through 7 easy steps.

  1. Obtain details, report the crash and seek medical attention

    You must take all reasonable steps to obtain the registration number and contact details of the at fault driver. To be able to pursue car accident compensation where you are injured in a motor vehicle accident you must report the crash to Police. If the Police do not attend the scene, then a Report of Traffic Incident must be provided to the police station nearest to the crash scene. As soon as you become aware of your personal injury you should seek medical attention. You must have your doctor complete a CTP medical certificate and ensure that all injuries sustained are listed.

  2. Contact Us

    Contact Turner Freeman Lawyers on 13 43 63 or fill in our online form when you have sought medical treatment for further advice. Our car accident lawyers will then gather all necessary medical evidence to substantiate your compensation claim.

  3. Lodge a Notice of Accident Claim form with the CTP insurer

    One of our car accident lawyers will prepare the Notice of Accident claim in the approved form and lodge it with the compulsory third party (CTP) insurance company of the at fault vehicle.

  4. Participate in rehabilitation

    Once the notice of accident claim form is deemed compliant by the insurer, they will assist with your reasonable and necessary rehabilitation and medical treatment. You will need to continue to consult your doctor to ensure up to date treatment plans are prepared and provided to the insurer.

  5. Assess injuries sustained and offer to settle

    It can take up to 12 months for injuries to stabilise, at which point we will arrange to have you assessed by specialist medical practitioners to report on your personal injuries. We will use the injuries sustained and other evidence to advise you on the amount of compensation you may receive and make an offer to the insurer to settle your motor vehicle accident claim.

  6. You Attend a Compulsory Settlement Conference

    We will advise you on the value of your compensation claim and we will organise a time to negotiate your settlement.

  7. If the Matter Settles, You Receive Your Compensation

    A majority of motor vehicle accident claims are settled before a court trial. We will keep you informed and updated at every stage so you always know where your claim is up to. If the insurer is not prepared to offer a reasonable settlement, we will issue court proceedings for you to claim compensation for your injuries.


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We only get paid at the end of a claim if our clients receive a successful result.

No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers | Turner Freeman

Turner Freeman Lawyers are motor vehicle accident claim experts 

As one of the largest leading plaintiff law firms in Australia, we have the expertise and dedication to achieve outcomes that truly matter to our clients.

Our personal injury legal services are offered on a No Win, No Fee basis, so you won’t have to worry about legal fees unless we achieve a successful outcome for you. Get in touch with one of our experts today for an obligation-free consultation.


Frequently asked questions

What is the fee policy in motor vehicle claims?

For personal injury claims in the state of New South Wales we act for our clients on a ‘No Win-No Fee’ basis. So in other words unless we recover compensation for our client, we will not charge for our work. Be sure to ask one of our personal injury lawyers, if you have any questions regarding our fee policy, as conditions do apply.

Are there any time limits?

Yes. There are strict time limits applicable to motor vehicle accident compensation claims depending upon your circumstances.

In general, the incident, whether it was a car accident, truck, push bike or motor bike must be reported to the NSW police force within 28 days from the accident; and The Motor Accident Personal Injury Claim Form (MAPICF) must the completed and lodged with the CTP insurer and driver at fault within 6 months from the date of the motor accident injuries made.

The Accident Notification Form (ANF) must be completed and lodged with the CTP insurer at fault and driver at fault within 28 days from the accident.

Proceeding must commence in the appropriate Court within 3 years from the date of accident. By failing to adhere to these strict requirements you could jeopardise the success of your case entirety, as leave may not be granted.

I don’t know if my injuries are permanent so should I contact a lawyer?

Yes. The extent and severity of your injuries and disabilities will need to be assessed by a medical provider. Often, the latent effects of an injury do not manifest themselves until 6-12 months time.

By lodging the appropriate claim forms you can start to have your treatment paid and any referrals to specialist including radiology, we will seek prepayment of for you.

Importantly, by lodging your claim with the insurer early, you avoid falling foul of the limitation periods for lodging a claim, so the insurer cannot raise that argument as a bar to you bringing a claim in the future.

What if the accident was 12 months ago. Can I still claim?

Yes. If your explanation is considered full and satisfactory by a court and you can illustrate you have acted as quick as possible, then a Court may grant you leave.

But time is of essence and you must act quickly, so that we can prepare the necessary documentation to lodge your late claim. Call Turner Freeman lawyers today on 13 43 63 to book a consultation.

I have been hit by a motor vehicle, but they didn’t stop. Can I still claim?

Yes. The claim would be made against the Nominal Defendant Scheme. However, a claim against the Nominal Defendant brings about certain obligations of due search and inquiry. As soon as possible, proper searches need to be conducted to try and locate the vehicle, this can include but not limited to, newspaper advertisements, obtaining details from witness, trying to obtain any CCTV footage and so on. Turner Freeman will assist you with the Due Search and Inquiry obligations on a ‘No Win, No Fee‘ basis.

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