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Who can make a workers compensation claim?

All employers are required to have workers compensation insurance for their employees in their workplace.

Due to this, all workers, including volunteers and those doing work experience are eligible to access worker’s compensation entitlements if they are injured or ill because of their work regardless of whether they’re full-time, part-time or casual.

What types of workplace injuries can I claim?

There are a number of workplace injuries which can be claimed for including:

  • Spinal
  • back, neck and head injuries
  • fractures
  • upper and lower limb injuries
  • whiplash
  • soft issue and eye injuries
  • shock, anxiety and depression
  • psychological injury claims

Our team of experienced workers compensation lawyers in Sydney can discuss whether your injury falls under Common Law or WorkCover and help achieve the best outcome you deserve.

Our ‘No Win – No Fee‘ policy is available for workplace injury compensation claims and we offer home or hospital visits if you are too ill to come to us.

How long will it take? 

The majority of workers compensation claims are able to be finalised within six to eighteen months of the claim starting. If your claim proceeds to court, it would add another six to twelve months to the duration of the claim. However, it is highly unlikely that your compensation claim will proceed to court, as most cases claiming workers compensation are resolved prior to this stage.


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Frequently asked questions

Who pays the worker’s compensation or WorkCover claim?

Workers compensation is a type of insurance that is compulsory for all employers to have and is for your protection. If you are injured at work and your employer is found to be responsible, your employer’s insurance company will pay your compensation. Even if you make a claim against your employer, laws are in place to protect you and ensure they don’t treat you differently during the process. Our team of personal injury lawyers in Sydney can assist you to ensure you are treated fairly the whole way through the process.

Why do I need a lawyer?

Our experienced lawyers will assess your potential claim, and inform you if you are able to make a compensation claim for workers compensation and any potential benefits you could claim. A compensation lawyer will handle all aspects of moving your claim forward.

Why should Turner Freeman be my Lawyer?

Turner Freeman are one of Australia’s most experienced personal injury law firms. Our primary goal as personal injury lawyers is to accomplish rewarding outcomes for our clients with their personal injury claims and achieve their goals. With our team behind you, we are able to get you the most compensation possible.

How long does a compensation law claim take?

Worker’s Compensation claims vary depending on the severity of the injury, whether you injury has stabilised and the state you live in. We recommend seeking legal advice as soon as possible to discuss your options and how best we can assist you.

What does workers compensation cover?

Workers’ compensation covers all ‘reasonable’ expenses related to your work injury or illness. As each injury is different, this will differ depending on the scheme you’re covered by, but can include:

  • payments for lost wages
  • medical costs such as hospital and nursing
  • personal, household and occupational expenses
  • doctors and chemists
  • physiotherapy and chiropractic care
  • rehabilitation
  • ambulance services
  • attendant care
  • modifications to a home or car
  • home help
  • transportation costs

What are the types of claims turner freeman can help me with?

Our lawyers are experienced in the all areas of workplace injury. If you’ve suffered as a result of a work related injury or your psychological wellbeing has been affected through your work, you may be entitled to claim workers’ compensation.

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