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Asbestos sprayers

Spraying was often used as a method of application for asbestos when insulating steel beams and structures and bulkheads on ships. A machine was commonly used to mix asbestos with water to make a wet mixture that was sprayed through a large hose. The spray did not always stick on, with much of the spray mixture bouncing off onto the floor and into the air. Sprayers have usually been exposed to very large quantities of asbestos dust as a result.

Mr. Y

Mr. Y was employed by Newbrook Insulation in Whyalla in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Newbrook was contracted to spray asbestos insulation on ships being built at the BHP Whyalla Shipyards.

Mr. Y’s job was to open the bags of asbestos fibres and fill the hopper in the spray machine. Clouds of dust filled the air around him when he did this.

Over 30 years later Mr. Y contracted asbestosis. Mr. Y brought proceedings against his employer and his case settled prior to trial for a confidential sum.