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Living near an asbestos mine

Turner Freeman has run a number of claims for people exposed to asbestos as a result of living or working near an asbestos mine or asbestos factory.

Vivian Olson

Vivian Olson was born at Wittenoom hospital in September 1957.  Her family left Wittenoom for Sydney a little over two years later.  During the two years that she lived in Wittenoom, Vivian was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis from the tailings from the blue asbestos mine that were dumped around her home and the township.

Thirty-three years later Vivian developed mesothelioma.  She died, leaving 2 children in January 1995.

Turner Freeman commenced proceedings against the company that operated the mine, and CSR who owned and controlled the mine operator.  In the first decision of its kind, the New South Wales Court of Appeal upheld the decision of Dust Diseases Tribunal in awarding Ms Olson’s Estate damages in the sum of $613,095.

Mr. H

Mr. H worked at the Goodyear factory at Camellia in Sydney. The Goodyear factory was next door to the James Hardie factory, which manufactured asbestos fibro sheets, insulation products and brake linings.  As Mr. H left work each night he could see the dust blowing from the James Hardie factory nearby.

Turner Freeman acted for Mr. H for his condition of mesothelioma.  Proceedings were brought against both his employer and James Hardie and settled prior to trial for a confidential sum. Mr. H is just one of many former Goodyear workers who have contracted mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases as a result of working near the Hardies factory and who have successfully brought claims.