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Insulation workers

Most heavily exposed workers

Up until the 1980s asbestos was commonly used in insulation materials used to insulate heat and steam pipes, boilers, turbines and other heated vessels. A number of companies in South Australia including Bradford Insulation and Bells Asbestos installed asbestos insulation materials in industrial and commercial premises such as power stations, shipyards and refineries. These companies were continually contracted to remove and install materials whilst maintenance and repair work was carried out.

Mr. C

Mr. C emigrated to Australia from Malta in 1956. In 1964 he found work in Adelaide at the Bradford Insulation factory on Bedford Street, Rosewater. Mr. C worked at the factory for 10 months.

One of his jobs was to pack a blue asbestos mixture into bags. Mr. C emptied bags of blue asbestos into a mixing trough and then put the mixture into smaller bags and weighed them. This was a very dusty process as there were no exhaust fans or ventilation in the enclosed area. Mr. C worked overtime sweeping up asbestos powder that had travelled onto the roof through the air vents. After a few months of this work Mr. C was sick of the dust and left.

In 2000 he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Mr. C instructed Turner Freeman who commenced proceedings against his employer. His matter ran to trial, settling for a confidential sum prior to judgment.