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Unfortunately, most injuries happen in the workplace and if you suffer an injury at work, or the nature and conditions of your employment cause you to suffer an injury, you are entitled to claim workers compensation benefits. Workers’ Compensation is a basic safety net which operates on a no fault system and it is important that all of your worker’s compensation rights and entitlements be fully explored by a specialist lawyer.

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Types of Workplace Injuries

There are various types of injuries that can occur at a workplace. Our Work Injury Lawyers have experience in litigating workers’ compensation claims involving a wide range of workplace injuries from hearing loss to catastrophic brain injuries giving you the workplace injury compensation you deserve. Workplace injuries often arise in the following common scenarios:

  • Operating and maintaining heavy machinery
  • Construction site accidents
  • Noise induced hearing loss or Industrial Deafness
  • Falling from heights
  • Warehouse accidents
  • Work related car accidents
  • Psychological injuries

Operating and maintaining heavy machinery

Operating and maintaining heavy machinery can cause a whole range of injuries. Machinery can sometimes malfunction causing injury to the operator and those in the close vicinity of the machine. Maintaining heavy machinery can cause injuries if you are required to operate in confined spaces.

Construction site accidents

Injuries are often sustained by workers who work on construction sites as they are constantly surrounded by various types of risks to their health and safety. These risks can include the inherent risks associated with operating power tools as well as the risks arising from unsafe systems of work.

Noise induced hearing loss or Industrial Deafness

It is also common for workers who operate machinery and power tools to suffer from hearing loss. Hearing loss is a compensable injury and workers suffering from hearing loss may be able to make a claim for monetary compensation and the costs of the supply and fitting of hearing aids. We have a specialised team of lawyers that are experts in this area who have litigated hearing loss related matters across Australia.

Falling from heights

Working at heights poses a significant risk to workers. We often act on behalf of workers who have suffered catastrophic injuries after falling form heights during the course of their employment. This includes workers who have fallen off ladders and workers who have fallen from defective scaffolding.

Warehouse accidents

Common injuries that occur in a warehouse environment include overuse injuries of the spine and limbs, injuries caused by forklift accidents and injuries caused by repetitive lifting and bending. It is not uncommon for workers to be injured by negligent acts of fellow employees, including the unsafe stacking of boxes and/or pallets.

Work-related car accidents

If your role requires you to travel during the course of your employment, you will likely be covered under the Workers’ Compensation scheme should you be involved in a motor vehicle accident whilst at work. However, it is important that you obtain specialised legal advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer as these claims can be quite complex. Your rights and entitlements will differ depending on whether you are deemed to be “at work” whilst travelling. It is vital that your claim is handled with care from the outset so as to ensure that you make a claim under the correct scheme.

Psychological Injuries

Psychological injuries can be as debilitating as physical injuries. There are multiple reasons why you might suffer a psychological injury whilst at work. Common causes of psychological injuries are unreasonable management action, bullying and harassment, assault, discrimination and workplace accidents.

Making a Claim for a Work-Related or Workplace Injury

If a worker is injured in circumstances where the employer is negligent or at fault, he/she may be entitled to bring a work injury damages claim. The bringing of such a claim will terminate the injured worker’s statutory workers compensation entitlements.

A work injury claim cannot be brought against an employer unless the injured worker has been assessed as having at least 15% whole person impairment in accordance with WorkCover guidelines.

In those circumstances, the injured worker will receive his/her statutory workers compensation entitlements until the work injury damages claim is resolved, including lump sum compensation pursuant to those entitlements for the degree of impairment.

The work injury claim then allows the injured worker to in addition claim compensation for the entire extent of his/her past and future economic losses, including the loss of superannuation benefits.

It is necessary to comply with strict time limits and procedures in order to make work injury damages claims, and it is therefore recommended that legal advice be obtained as soon as possible in this regard. Specifically, there is an overall time limit of 3 years in which to make a work injury damages claim, from the date of an accident.

Know your compensation entitlements

  • Weekly payments for total or partial incapacity for work;
  • Reasonably necessary medical, hospital and treatment expenses;
  • Permanent impairment compensation;
  • Claim for dependency and funeral expenses in the event of the death of a worker.

Turner Freeman has legal specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience in workers’ compensation claims. Significant changes to the Workers’ Compensation laws take place frequently and it is important that you seek up to date specialist advice to be aware of your rights and entitlements as these changes take effect.

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WorkCover Claims

WorkCover allows employees to make a workers’ compensation claim through them if they have suffered a work related injury. Making a claim through WorkCover can often be a confusing and difficult process. Our workers’ compensation lawyers at Turner Freeman can guide you through the process and help you maximise your claim.

If you would like to make a WorkCover Claim in NSW, QLD, SA or WA, contact Turner Freeman Lawyers today and we’ll find a workers’ compensation lawyer near you.

Comcare Compensation Scheme

The Comcare Scheme covers Commonwealth employees where their employers have a license under the federal workers’ compensation scheme. The Comcare scheme can cover your wages and medical expenses if you have suffered a work related injury. Our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you maximise your Comcare claim and guide you through the compensation process.

If you’re NSW employee covered under the Comcare Scheme, you can find out more here.

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